STJ Live Announcement! JOIN FOR FREE!

(1st June - 31st Aug 2011)

What's it all about?

I will be running something called STJ live from the 1st June - 31st August. This is basically an invitation into my life as a full-time sports trader`through video journals. I'm going to open up my doors so people can get a real insight into living the life of a trader.

Ever wanted to know what a full-time trader goes through on a typical day? Well here's your chance to be a part of this truly unique experience...COMPLETELY FOR FREE!

All you have to do is join my FREE membership area on my website SportsTradingJourney, and these video journals will become available every few days in your FREE members account from 1st June - 31st Aug. It's that simple!

I am also giving away hours worth of live trading content while STJ LIVE progresses!

Follow the links below to read more about what you will be getting over the next 3 months, and when your ready to rock & roll simply fill in the submission form.

Your email address is all that is required to take part....


See you on the inside...

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