Sunday, November 15, 2009

Change Of Lifestyle

No I haven't decid
ed to give up trading and work at McDonald's over the winter, the title was more referring to how much of a change to my lifestyle the courses have given me. I forgot what it was like to work more than 4-6 hours a day hehe, and I'm doing my best to keep up with the personalised emails so please bear with me. It was a strange thing for me at first having people surrounding me while I trade, answering questions and talking through live what I was doing. Being stuck in a room in solitude for years, then trading in complete opposite surroundings has taken me a little time to adjust. But the more people that have attended the courses, the more comfortable I am with being able to deal with doing 2 things at once. I'm definitely not female and multi-tasking wasn't in my toolbox a few months ago :)

Staring at the markets for double the length of time from analysing the markets with clients is definitely an eye strainer. So I'm not going to lie about it being a challenge for me to still being able
to trade successfully whilst training, but its a challenge I'm enjoying right now.

I'd like to thank all the people who have attended up till now and I really do appreciate the kind words that people have given. I hope the clients have enjoyed the experience as much as I have, and I'm very happy to have met some great people. I'm now feeling very positive that I've boosted their ability to be able to read a market more clearly, and hopefully opened there eyes up to a lot of new angles to make money on Betfair.

I'm trying and get my website up and ru
nning soon, but unfortunately my flatmate who's building it keeps travelling around Spain working so fingers crossed it shouldn't be too long until the launch. The website will explain everything in detail instead of having me send out the word document to people who are showing an interest. The website will have a members section where people who have attended the course can chat openly about their trading with other like minded people. Having seen my style and techniques gained from my course, clients will be able to talk in detail whilst still being on the same wave length with everyone else. Discussing their everyday experiences on the markets, and possibly having Skype buddies to talk to on a regular basis - like I currently do with a mate.

Some of the people attended have happily given out their email to ask any questions about the courses from their point of view, explaining their experience and what they got out from the course.
Here's a few of there emails for now, but when the website is up I will have a testimonial section where people can easily see what previous attendees thought.

  • Nick Darlington -
  • Pascal Costa -

Bit Of Paradise

The first guy who attended my courses told me about a property he's selling on the East coast of Spain. It's in-between Valencia and Alicante on a little mush
room coming out of Spain. The views are jaw dropping from the top of the mountain and there is nothing else to see for miles apart from the sea and the smile on your face.

Showing an interest he kindly invited me to stay out the
re for 5 days to check it out. I got back Friday and the place was paradise. I'm going to check it out again in Jan to have a second look and to have a place like this to escape to 3-6 months of the year is something which I've thought about for a while. I'll make a post if I take the plunge and get the place. Here's a few pics:


2 clients on my course told me about the potential NFL/american football has for
trading. It doesn't attract massive amounts in all the boxes but the swings are just massive! I thought I would try it out tonight with the 2 guys on Skype and things went very well. I didn't have live pictures but was simply making money off the over reaction in a price move. Where people chased the price up in desperation, like I have mentioned before what happens in the horse racing markets. But the over reaction seems to happen in amazing frequency! 1 move I saw went from 1.25 to around 1.62 in about 10 seconds. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out on small stakes that comes to a nice return. Also the gaps in the prices all over the price ensures so many opportunities. Here's my surprisingly good profit made on my first NFL game. Something I'm going to look at a lot more seriously in the coming months.

Trading In General

I've had a lot of time off recently from actually trading on my own, and I've noticed I've been a little rusty. But I believe when you can make money consistently, you won't easily forget how your money making finger brings in the £££. Riding a bike for example where you just need a little warm up before things feel normal again. I know I'm back to being sharp as I took a bad in running loss of -434 on Saturday the second race, and clawed most of it b
ack by the final race. Finishing on -38.55 which a fightback like this feels just as good as a big profit on the day. It's quite hard to have the confidence to comeback from such a loss, as you are forced to push a bit to make it back. So some losses crept in at the end when I knew I was close, but also It's amazing what positive thinking and the right mindset can achieve.

I'm also going to add another trading video from 1 of my races on Saturday which a quick £68 was made from being aggressive and jumping in front of a real bet. As races are going off so often, opportunities like this occur frequently when people are chasing out their positions. Click the link below:

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