Monday, April 26, 2010

Betfair Travelling

I returned back to Madrid from Barcelona on Friday night after escaping to the beach for 5 days and enjoying some time with a friend of mine. It's an awesome place to visit and I would recommend you not only check out some of the amazing architecture around, but also keep your wallet firmly in your trousers. It's renowned for having loads of dirty pick pocketers and there was a few occasions I had to give a few people the evils. It has a different vibe to Madrid and both have their charms. But I am definitely going to be searching for somewhere to live near a beach after my return back to London for a year or 2. Living the simple life is all I want really, and as much as life in Madrid has rewarded me this, living so far away from the ocean is something I am craving for on my next adventure.

Some people have asked me why I'm moving back to London when I'm living abroad like a lot of people dream of. But there many reasons for my move and my return to the motherland is by far a run away home mission. I moved to Madrid not to settle down and soak up the sun for the rest of my life, I moved here for an adventure with a friend of mine and it was never going to be a full-time move. I'm still young and want to travel the world trading in different countries and Madrid was just my first step. I'm thinking of possibly Brazil in the future to take advantage of the morning working hours and enjoying the beach life in the afternoon. I know someone who is already there and says its unbelievable.

What I have realised though, Betfair trading is not the kind of profession you can easily take your laptop with you and earn money whilst exploring different countries. Due to needing a good Internet connection and feeling the need to be happy in your work surroundings. But to all those wanting to travel and trade all i can say is do it! Instead of thinking for months about the consequences and challenges too much just go with the flow....what's the worst that could happen!

But for now I eyes are set firmly on London, and when I lived there before I was so far away from the centre I didn't feel like I got the most out of it. So I'm going to be pretty central this time probably around the Camden area and enjoy the crazyness of London for a bit. I've got a lot of friends in which I'm looking forward to catch up with, and Sam and I and going to really get stuck into teaching and helping as many people out as we can with progressing their own trading.

Trading Courses

I'm running my last few courses in Madrid so if people are interested in coming for a nice holiday combined with learning how to trade send me an email. The course dates are on the right and due to them being my last over here I've reduced the cost of them. These rates will only be this cheap whilst I'm in Madrid due to the fact that clients have to pay for other costs - flights accommodation etc. So for people wanting a very reasonable but very substantial training for 3-6 days let me know. You will be automatically be entitled for a group discount as well so its a double bonus.


Thanks to all who have checked out the free vids on the site and have put themselves on the mailing list. The interest has been amazing and this venture is something we are really looking forward to getting started as soon as we can. It looks like it will properly be launched when I'm back in London and Sam and I are currently building a huge amount of some great content for the site. The main emphasis of the site is just that - content! And clients will get a constant supply of new, fresh exciting videos on a regular basis that shows you a massive range of examples of how to trade the pre-race horse markets.

A few people have informed me that the first video is out of sync with the audio so apologies for this. I've rendered a new 1 and the correct vid will be on the site tomorrow. Many people have asked when some more videos are coming out and the wait will only be a few more days. Those who have subscribed to the mailing list will be getting 2 new free videos to get stuck into whilst you wait for the proper launch of the site! So keep an eye out this week in your email.

If you want to see some more free videos simply register on the mailing list @ and you will receive another free vid. With 2 more getting sent out to you over the next few days.

Hardest £9 Ever Earnt

After returning from Barcelona and having a week off I wanted a nice steady day on Saturday to get me back into the swing of things, but trading is never as straight forward as you want it to be. I started well building up a decent amount only to be stung badly in the 14:30 Sandown. A whopping -844 to be exact. Ouch! It was one of those freak times that you do something that 90% of the time would have worked but this time didn't. I layed Twist Magic at the off for a big stake as it was at the back of the field and looking like it was going to get a terrible start. Only to suddenly kick on from a running start whilst every other runner was left standing still. The price collapsed horribly from 3.0-1.80 straight away and left me pretty screwed the say the least. It was a combination of bad luck and getting way too involved on something in running that is generally the devil when it comes to pre - horse trading.

So I went on an almighty comeback after that, knowing I was trading well before that blip and continued in the same fashion there after. I got it all back with a crazy roller coaster day only to chuck 200 away on something very silly. I simply should have stopped when that big loss back but naturally wanted to kick on after seeing the green. So i plugged away on a few evening races and yet again managed to sneak in the green for £9. My hardest ever £9 earnt.......I'd probably say so.

The markets were fantastic on Saturday and it should have been a great day, but you have to keep your head and battle through times like that when luck sometimes isn't on your side. But I'm very happy to make the loss back and I feel now the markets have gathered momentum and the good times have come :)

So a conclusion is still this -

In Running = The Devil!

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