Saturday, November 27, 2010

Denman's Third Hennessy?

I've always been a massive follower of Denman and he returns to action once again today at Newbury. He attempts to make history by winning his third Hennessy Gold Cup in the 15:05. Denman's a year older, 8lb higher in the weights but this year the preparation has gone very smoothly apparently. He will have to be at his best to beat a very competitive field today and with Sam Thomas back on his back (rightly so in my eyes) things are lined up for a fantastic race!

I've been watching the market over the past day and there's an interesting drift on Denman. It's traded at a low at 4.72, but around the 5.8 mark this time yesterday. It's currently trading at 7.4 and even touched 7.8. I believe this price could look massive at the end of the race as I think Denman's going to be back to his best fresh. Jumping in his relentless fashion and almost bullying his rivals into defeat. If he starts to find his rhythm, anything over 7.0 on Betfair is going to get smashed in price. Could be a nice back to lay in running but I'm personally having a cheeky double. Go on the tank!

I'm doubling Denman with Big Bucks, another horse who I have closely followed over the years and has done me well. Today should be a walk in the palk for him and he should be a class above his competition over 3m hurdles. He's very short in price though and currently trading at 1.30 running in the 14:30 Newbury. That's why it's worth a double and no single bet. He often hits a flat spot in his races but always finds more :)

As a trader I don't often have a punt, but now and again I like to get involved. Today seems a nice opportunity to get a decent double up.

Fingers crossed!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ello Ello

Howdy all, It's about time I get back to blogging and update a few things. I haven't posted in a while coz I haven't done much trading for myself recently. I've been busy finishing off the educational videos for SportsTradingJourney and it's taken me a lot longer than I first thought. It's the planning, editing and producing stages rather than the actual video creating that eats up the time. So the only way I was going to get this site finished before the end of the year was to focus 100% of my time on it. It's well on the way now and I'll be opening the doors up very soon. Thanks for your patience to everyone who has shown an interest.

Motherland Return

I moved back from Madrid a few months ago which was pretty crazy. I stayed there a little longer than first planned, but it was well worth it! I still have the travelling bug inside me and I can see myself jumping on a plane to another country sometime in the future. The experience was awesome and who knows where I'll be checking out in the years to come but for now my feet are firmly set in the motherland. I'd recommend to anyone to live in another country for the pure shits and giggles of it all, and I'm looking forward to doing it again someday.

Geeks Toy

Most of you in the sports trading world will be aware of a trading program called The Geek's Toy. But if you haven't heard of it by now where have you been?? Link here: Geek's Toy

It's taken the trading industry by storm and not just coz the software will remain free for 2011! It's due to the fact that The Toy easily competes against the other product vendors that charge a fee for their use. Recently have been running a charity fund raiser for charity need. This message is a bit belated I know but check out the good work thats been taking place as I'm sure he'll be running more fund raisers like these in the future.

I was beta testing the new release of Version 1.1 with Advanced Charting & Market Overview before the official release came out, as I've been thinking about using the Toy for my day to day trading for a while now. The only main feature the Toy was missing was the charting, and ladies and gentlemen it has arrived! There's a million and one settings in the Toy and all customizable to set up the software perfect for your needs.

I've used another product vendor for years now so I wasn't easily going to change over to a program just coz it's free. I wanted a program that added something extra and everything about the Toy makes it an easy decision to change products. After playing around with it for sometime I think it's actually faster, more customisable and generally a more slick product in general to use than anything on the market. The product being free is just a huge bonus and my hats go off to the Geek to creating this bit of software that is only going to get better!

"Probably the best Betfair Trading Software in the world!"

Back To It

I'm looking forward to getting down to business again and I'll be easing myself back into things as this time of year can be a bit tricky. Mainly due to the change of seasons - from flat to jumps and the weather will throw a spanner in the mix soon. But it's a great time to get stuck in the markets and learn the ropes for when the nice summer meetings come into action next year. In December there is some nice meetings on though, especially around the end of year so they should be some good trading fodder.

I've had a few bizarre comments regarding Sam Wilson I want to clear up. I don't speak on behalf of Sam but I want to mention he's definitely not an alias of mine I'm pretending to be. A silly bit of speculation that if you checked a few of his videos you will realise we are 2 different people. Makes me laugh really as I don't know how pretending to be someone else would benefit me.

People come and go in the blogging world and I know a few ex bloggers who stopped coz the amount of ridiculous comments from unwelcome anonymous contributors. My words of advice for these people....If you have nothing useful to say....pipe down and focus on your own trading.

On a lighter note I'm going to introduce something new to my blog next year. I've been thinking about what ideas I could implement to make things more interactive with people. I'll explain in more detail about this at the start of 2011 :)

Happy Trading!
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