Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Fellow traders and fellow want to be traders!


I'd like to announce a project that Sam Wilson and I have had in the pipeline for a while. After many hours of idea swapping and brain wrestling we are introducing a membership in the name of:

If you click the link above it takes you to a temporary sign up page in which you will see my small stakes video I added on my forum to the left. When you add your email to the mailing list to the right, a confirmation opt in link will be sent out to you. Simply follow the link and it will take you to my second small stakes vid I've created using £5-£10 stakes. Also check out Sam's small stake's vid he's recently added on his blog - http://samwilson82.blogspot.com/.

If you like these training vids, you will love the membership site we are working on....It's everything you need to take your trading journey to the next level and show you the styles and techniques we use on a daily basis.

I think there is a common misunderstanding from pro traders that if you give away your secrets and your own styles behind your successful trading, your own edge will be lost. But I don't think this is the case and Sam and I intend to show you a very honest membership site with no hidden secrets. We are willing to show a full journey of trading material using videos with in-depth audio, and regular webinars to interact with our clients. Feedback and reviews of how to read a market accurately and a huge amount of trading content that will open your eyes up to how pro traders react and think in a wide range of examples. Progressing from small stakes in the region of £5-£10 - increasing them over time to £100+ stakes.

This site will be the only 1 of its kind anywhere in the world!

We have been approached by some big players in the sports trading industry, who wanted to fund some interesting projects with us. However there ideas and systems didn't fit within our philosophy of teaching trading. Ever since I started doing personalised training courses, I wanted to show people a very honest approach to really what's going on in the market. So this is why Sam and I have decided to create our own site dedicated to helping people in a long term trading journey.

We don't have to offer help, as we are both comfortable with the amount we are earning to live the life we choose. However we really think we can help traders who have a serious aspiration to become full time mentored by us. We are fully aware that there is a very very small percentage of people on the exchanges that make decent money from trading pre-horse markets, and I think a big reason for this is that there really isn't much good advice currently on offer. We want to improve this success rate and help take clients to live the flexible free living life trading can offer.

Sam and I have been on these markets separately and combined for coming on 5 years now and witnessing tens of thousands of markets we have experience and knowledge people are searching for. There are too many questions being asked on this some what mysterious profession as a full time exchange trader, and far few decent and genuine answers being offered back. Having this project we can organise all these answers in 1 centralised place.

This won't be a site about betting systems offering you simple trading tips, it's going to be guiding you down a path of how 2 pro traders make money from these extremely tricky markets. Get your name and email on the mailing list, and we will releasing a few more free videos until the site is all ready for kick off! Also please send me any requests and ideas that we could possibly introduce to our membership site. Many thanks!

Hasta Luego!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Smell A Rat!

Well after only a week of launching my new forum there's someone up to mischief already! Unbelievable really but something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. There's always going to be people who have nothing else better to do than try and spoil the friendly help given by other people. We are all here to make money and learn from 1 another, but this anonymous person either has too much time on there hands or has some alternative motives. Whatever the case I'd like to apologise on behalf of this unwanted poster and please have confidence that I'm on the case straight after writing this post in banning and removing all their posts/usernames they have decided to create.

The reason I wanted to create a forum where people can post as an anonymous user is to get anyone and everyone posting. It looks like this can't be the case unfortunately ladies and gentlemen so what I'm going to do is provide a forum only available to people registering. But this only takes literally a minute to setup and will get around this problem which is the last thing I and the people using the forum want. This joker has even pretended to be myself and it just shows when you offer anything in life, there's always going to be a select few who decide to take liberties on your kindness. But the forum is still viewable to all unregistered users, it's just you have to login to post.

So I'll explain the simple procedure to enjoy my forum in peace:

  1. Click the forum link at the top of my blog.
  2. Click on register to the right of the forum and open a free nabble account. Type a username/password, where a confirmation will be sent out to your email.
  3. Follow the rest of the simple instructions and just make sure you login every time you view/post on the forum in future.
Easy Peazy! :)

I won't tolerate this kind of abuse and spam on my forum and simply won't hesitate banning users who decide to adopt this kind of behaviour. You've been warned!

Thanks for all who have posted so far (excluding this obvious fool of course) and it looks like the experiment of a forum on my blog seems very worthwhile me continuing. So long let the community grow and continue to be a big help for all involved!

I'll continue moderating the forum for now, but will be looking for a trusted moderator soon to keep a close eye on proceedings. It could be someone posting regularly on the forum or someone who has attended 1 of my courses. I'm not too sure yet but there is already some contenders on the forum who could be perfect for the job :)

Just a quick reminder that the members section on the forum is exclusively for people who have attended 1 of my courses. Simply register on the blog and send me out an invite so I can let you in to chat to other like minded chappies.

Please continue to use the forum now this issue has been sorted.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Forum With New Vid

I'd like to announce my new forum which I've added to my blog, where like minded traders can exchange ideas and any thoughts on the subject of trading.

Thanks go out to Alistair Hamilton from BetYourLifeSportsTrading for explaining the tricks of the trade as it were and helping me put the forum together. It's an awesome blog so check it out! Alistair like myself are just experimenting the idea of a forum on a blog. Please don't be shy ladies and gentlemen and start conversing.

If you go to my forum and go in the horse racing tab, you will see I've uploaded a new video with audio! It is 30 mins long using small stakes and shows you a technique of using speculative bets as a method of making money. The video will explain more of my thought process than I can easily explain here, and it just shows you really don't need a lot in the bank to make a living from trading. Enjoy!

There is also a members section exclusively for people who have attended 1 of my courses. Here you can chat openly to each other traders about specific methods and strategies I shared with you on my course. Even possibly linking up like a trading/skype buddy like I do with Sam. If you can kindly send me a request, I'll happily add you on the list for a very exclusive area for just you. Many thanks


I think I have to mention a few things that's being happening in the markets of late, just to make people aware of how much these markets are being manipulated. Yes we see this all the time and people mention the fact just deal with it and get on with it. But as much as I agree with this philosophy, you have to be aware of these constant changes in conditions and trade accordingly. You simply have to try and read behind the numbers of what's really going on in a market. Don't just follow the sheep and get drawn into traps that are constantly being set. These traps are set to catch traders out thinking its going 1 way, only to be pushed rapidly against them. Try and read into their decision processes of what they are trying to do to a market, that can ultimately be the difference between winning or losing on a race. Big money rules and you have to take note of market behavior where big money is forcing the price around at their leisure.

With all that in mind strategies like this are very risky and as its an unbelievably aggressive way of making money. I know for a fact they lose from time to time and who knows to what extent these guys are winning/losing as well. All I know is when you get these sort of things wrong it goes very very sour for them quickly.

This is what I saw a few times today where massive money was forcing it 1 way, o
nly to turn against them. But the amazing thing about the current behavior is that I've seen these people chase themselves out of losses. To try and force a market yet again when its going against them, only to chase another big bet. Even to the point of waiting till it goes in running and bailing out of their postitions.....this baffles me! It seems odd to say the least but this what makes it a great game to play....not 1 day is the same and it keeps you guessing and searching for new answers.

There methods used seem rather reckless b
ut the fact I keep seeing this manipulation makes me think they have to be making money overall. Or is it someone with more money than sense, quite possible! But a sure fire money maker when you have a massive bank....no way in my eyes! 1 thing I will give them credit for is the size of their bollox, wowza!

With any amount of money you are playing with, you have to be shrewd and trade with control, discipline and remember, theres always a bigger fish in the sea. Watch out for circling sharks, as we wait for these opportunities.

Like an opportunity on the 16:45 today where I noticed someone had a large order to get out on the lay side, I stuck with my gut instinct and got a lovely move going up.


Well thank f@%* its March :) as Jan/Feb is the hardest time of year to trade. With the poor weather and everyone with one eye on Cheltenham, it proves a tricky time for traders. But come March I start to get an excitement of good times to come. The roar and big liquidity that Cheltenham brings sets the scene for the rest of the year, and I'm heading to London on Tuesday to enjoy it back in the motherland. I'll be back in Madrid late March to enjoy my final 6 week stay here before returning back to London in May.

Hope to speak to a few friendly faces on the forum, so ciao for now

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