Friday, December 4, 2009

December Already?

Today I've had to remind myself it's December! The last few months have flown by and it's crazy to think I've been in Madrid nearly a year now. Due to the Spaniards not blinging out the shops like the English do with xmas decorations, the festive build up has caught me by surprise. I have a lot planned out for 2010 in my own trading and other ventures and I'ts an exciting time.

I've now trained 10 people who have attended the courses (some 1-1 and a few groups) and I've got 2 more seperate courses with 3 people left in 2009. Then I'm flying back to my home town for a lovely xmas roast. Wow it's been too long without some yorkshire puddings and gravy. Can't wait!


November threw up some crazy markets at times and everyday you are reminded of how tricky this time of year is. With the amazing amount of variation in the markets it makes for a rollercoaster ride. Stay positive, cut your losses quickly and don't try and force your profits is the best advice I can give you. The highlight for me in November was seeing Denman back to his scintillating best. After years of trading the pre-race horse markets, I've become quite fond of horse racing as a spectacle. With the odd little flutter now and again to keep things exciting :) Denman has been a horse I've followed ever since it's first run and was very happy to see his impressive performance in the Newbury Hennessey Gold Cup. It was simply awesome in my opinion carrying top weight, and when he's in a flow like that and pinging the final 5 jumps he is just unstoppable! It's going to be one hell of a gold cup I think as there is a chance that both horses could be the best they have ever been come March. I know who I'll be on, or maybe I already am ;)

It's great for horse racing in general to have superstars like this to keep generating an interest in the sport. As traders we need top class animals to attract the much needed money in the markets to trade effectively all year round. I have backed Denman most times he has run and couldn't resist leaving all my money I traded on him that day. Even
though i took a hit from £525 to £255 late on, but it's impossible to complain. And thanks to Julian for cheering him on with me hehe.

I feel I have made the jump I was looking for this year in my profits, and have definately pulled in some great results on days that I simply wasn't producing this time last year. After a nice 3-day break
Sun/Mon/Tues I've had a very solid 3 days being in the zone......bring on Saturday!

New Trading Vid With Audio

I have created a new video on camtasia that is made exclusively for the members at People with an account can now see a 1 hour video of 5 different races I've traded. With narration over 4 of the races and a few audio tracks to finish off with a great race in the market before the Breeders Cup. This will show various techniques on how to make money on the pre-race horse racing markets. Scalping/Swinging/Trading 2 horses simultaneously/When things go wrong, and how to minimise losses. It's a complete video with on-going commentary throughout my thought process. Hope you enjoy!

The Main Man

Last but most certainly not least I'd like to announce who I trade with on a daily basis. It's someone I've been working with for years and u'll keep hear me saying how much of a benefit it is to have a trading buddy you can take on your trading journey with. I made a post on how this is a great edge to have and something I would reccommend to anyone. 2 brains are better than 1. Cheers dude and let the adventure continue!

Sam Wilson @

We have a few ideas for 2010 so keep an eye out for some interesting news in the new year.

P.S I'll reply to your kind comments made on the last 2 posts v soon.
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