Thursday, April 7, 2011

10k @ 1.01 please

A friend of mine has just moved out to Sweden and he was flying through Amsterdam to get there. So I thought it would be rude not to go with him for a few days to send him off in style hehe. I forgot how mad that weird and wonderfully place is! I vaguely remember the last time I was in the Dam which was back when I was 18. I went there with 8 of my mates and well, as you can imagine fun times! This time was more a few days of chill and relaxing. It's a beautiful place to visit if anyone is thinking of having a few days away.

Good Times A Rolling

After a big meeting like Cheltenham, I always remind myself to take things a little bit steady in the markets until I get my breath back. It can be easy to get carried away when starting to trade the markets again just like you were doing in Cheltz. So after a chilled out weekend I thought I better get back to it and didn't expect much from the day knowing Aintree is on 2moro. But I thought today was damn tasty too be honest. It felt like the start of good times to come, with the sun shining outside and some really nice moves to get stuck into in the markets. It brought me back to memories in Madrid and how much better I feel when the sun decides to say hello.


I noticed 1.01 getting turned over today in running at Nottingham. Amazing how often this actually happens and this time a combination of people got stung for a cool 10k! Who would back 1.01? God only knows =/


I've never been a massive stats man or one that cares too much about how much my turnover is on the day. Either how much percentage of my bank I am using or how much my ROI is. These things just seem a little tedious to me but if that's your thing then knock yourself out. Of course I pay close attention to my staking plan and controlling how I trade in a race, but I'm referring to analysing results after the day. I mean maybe I could improve some of my results after spending hours analysing what I'm doing, but too be honest my take on it is life's too short and I'd rather have a beer with my mates thanks. That said I did notice something quite interesting on 2 races today. I basically reached nearly identical totals on both races, but the total turnover on each was very different. It all comes down to what style you decide to adopt in a particular race which determines the amount of turnover that is achieved. Different markets can also offer you more opportunities to turnover your bank at a faster rate, but it also sometimes comes down to simply making a conscious decision to trade one way or another.

The race below shows me consciously deciding to take a long term view on the market. Opening a few positions up and looking for the big move going in one direction. Instead of sneaking in and out and turning over more of my bank. The point I'm trying to make here, is I'd recommend spending more time on improving your styles/techniques and strategies, more than worrying too much about small differences in percentage turnover on your day. Nice profits can still be achieved on relitively low turnover totals. This total below was only £1250 matched on the back side and £1350 matched on the lay side. 

In comparison the race below was an example where I still was looking for the swings, but I made a conscious decision to try and turn over more of my bank. The main reason for this was as I wasn't as sure of the overall direction of the market compared to the previous example. So in this case I was cutting out for smaller profits, turning over more of my bank, but as you can see the profit is nearly identical. This time £6147 was matched on the back side and £6244 on the lay side. That might sound like a lot of money, but I can easily turnover a lot more than that in a race but only when the market allows me to. Funny thing is though that doesn't necessarily mean x amount more profit. At the end of the day the overall profit is more important than your actual turnover.

On swing markets you can afford to look for more of a longer term move, and be able to hang onto your position longer with the aim to look for more profits. This will inevitably mean you won't turnover much of your bank, but who really cares :) In scalping markets you need to turnover a large amount due to the fact you are only looking for 1/2 tick profits. But also you will scratch a lot which boosts the total up even more.

Anyways Aintree starts 2moro and I'm really looking forward to the Grand National Meeting. I'll tell you right far as a pure horse racing spectacle, you won't see a better horse racing card on any day of the year than what is on show 2moro. A lot of the big boys who ran at Cheltenham are lined up and I'm pretty excited!

Ohh and I've just noticed Woolcombe Folly is 8.0 on BF in the 16:15 Aintree. He's high in the weights but I'm having some of that fo sho. Seems massive price! He was unlucky in the Champion Chase at Cheltz after being bashed about in running and I think should destroy this field even at top weight. I'll be having a go on a few multiples as well 2moro which have been proving a nice little earner recently. Good luck all!

Fingers crossed the markets will be just as mouth watering!


  1. Only comment i have to make is where the FUCK IS "CHELTZ"
    You obviously have no knoledge of racing you jumped up little prick.
    Mickmacmoogle 11

  2. Oh dear, someone had a bad first day of Aintree :D Oh, and it's Knowledge you uneducated lowlife :D

  3. Why would someone make a ridiculous comment like that...if you don't understand the lingo mate then Jog on. Oh and you obviously can't spell either.

  4. What fucking "Lingo"?
    This jumped up prick is the only dick in the history of the world to call the world greatest racing festival "Cheltz"
    As for "Jog on" that about sums your level up.
    mickmacmoogle 11

  5. Jack you only post screen shots of wins.

    do you ever lose £100 in a race aswell?

    Any chance of a day p&l shot to give an idea of perspective?


  6. Well well return again my anonymous stalker. *Shakes hand* But I see this time you have named yourself Mickmacmoogle 11. How friendly of you to introduce yourself finally! I obviously offend soooo much as I've noticed you have made several unbelievably abusive comments on my blog in the past. But you keep coming back!....which is kind of funny don't you think? You obviously have a lot of issues my crazy stalker friend and seem to be one of these people who need to be abusive to others to make themselves feel better. I just wish there was more people like you in the world as life would surely be a better place :) I actually feel sorry for you though and you crack me up haha! So bless your little cotten socks you ignorant fool!

    Devon - Of course I have the odd big loss every so often, and this is just part of being a trader mate. Take the rough with the smooth as they say. Have a look at one of my previous posts if you would like to look at one of my p/l screenshots. I seem to encourage more 'friendly' anon comments similar to my stalker above when I did that though. Funny old world we live in hey :)

  7. LOL----
    Where is "CHELTZ" just answer the question you nob

    Micmacmoogle 11


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